Circus Dog

  • Age: Dogs over 7 months
  • Length & Frequency: 4 fifty-five minute classes
  • Develop better timing and understand how your dog learns
  • Advanced tricks including skateboarding, body contacts, boxwork, and doggy basketball
  • All reward based training methods

Upcoming Classes: Please email us if you are interested in registering for this class.

Cricket learning to skate

First and foremost, you and your dog will have fun together in Circus Dog!! We will teach “Big Top” tricks to your canine performer using a variety of reward-based techniques that will engage your dog’s brain, teach them to think for themselves while learning body awareness, coordination and also improving balance and focus. Techniques including shaping, luring, targeting, and capturing behaviors with a clicker.

Circus Dog class will also help you develop better timing and understanding of how your dog learns, so you can get creative and make up your own performance tricks.  More advanced tricks include teaching the dog body contacts, boxwork, and doggy basketball. And everyone’s favorite-doggy skateboarding!

Advanced Dog Training SuperStar Dog Tricks

Circus Dog tickling the ivories

Classes are filled on a first come, first serve basis. Class size is limited for individualized attention for you and your dog, so don’t wait to register. If you have any questions about class availability or upcoming class dates, please email us. Please keep in mind that if our classes don’t fit your schedule, you can always sign up for Private In-Home lessons. If you prefer to mail a check for payment instead of using PayPal, you may download our Registration Form and mail with proper payment.